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How to get help

If you need help from our foodbank there are a few simple steps to follow.

The most important step is to get a foodbank voucher.

In order to provide the most appropriate help for the circumstances of your situation we work with local agencies. If they feel you are struggling to put food on the table, they will issue you with a foodbank voucher. The local agency can also provide long term support if needed to help address some of the issues behind the reasons for your crisis. Agencies we work with include: Citizens Advice, housing support officers, children’s centres, health visitors, social services and some local charities.

1. Get in touch with us.

If you call or email our foodbank we can talk through your situation and put you in touch with a relevant local agency. At the moment, this will be an e-voucher which can be received on your mobile phone, or you can be given the number to write down.

2. Contact one of our referral agencies.

They will discuss your situation and supply you with a foodbank voucher where appropriate.

For those unable to contact one of these agencies, a voucher may be obtained by emailing [email protected] or by contacting 07913 563901. For our most up-to-date information about obtaining a voucher during the Covid-19 pandemic, visit our news page here

Agency Telephone Number Opening Hours


0330 1234 034

Mon to Fri

8am to 6pm

Citizens Advice 0808 2082138

Mon to Fri

9am to 5pm

Fusion Credit

Union Ltd


01543 415032

Mon to Sat

9am to 12pm


Lichfield District Council 01543 308000

Mon to Fri

9am to 5pm

3. Bring  your foodbank e-voucher to your nearest foodbank centre. 

You can find a list of our local centres and opening times here.

If you are currently unable to get to our centres, and do not have anybody who can collect food on your behalf, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

If you have any further questions our FAQ’s page may help, or feel free to contact us.


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