Claim your Energy Voucher by 30 June 2023

19th June 2023

Households on traditional prepayment meters urged to ‘use or lose’ energy bill vouchers

The government is calling on anyone who tops up their energy via a traditional prepayment electricity meter, or PPM, to redeem money-off vouchers before they expire on 30 June.


The Energy Bills Support Scheme, which ran between October 2022 and March 2023, enabled households to save £400 off the cost of their energy bills over the course of the six months. Whilst most households received this discount

automatically via their electricity supplier, traditional PPM users were required to redeem monthly vouchers sent to them by their supplier for use at either Post Office or PayPoint top-up points.

Around 83 per cent of vouchers have now been redeemed, however, there is still £130 million left unclaimed and government is therefore calling on anyone with friends or family that use a PPM for electricity to make sure all eligible households benefit.

Claiming a voucher is simple. PPM users should bring their voucher, ID and electricity prepayment key or card to the top up point specified by their electricity supplier. Vouchers can then be redeemed in store immediately.

Previously issued vouchers expire after 90 days but can be reissued before 30 June. If a person thinks that they have missed their vouchers, they should contact their electricity supplier. All vouchers must be used by 30 June.

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