A record breaking start at Morrisons.

26th November 2017


A record breaking start at Morrisons!

Lichfield foodbank held their first food collection at Morrisons on Saturday 18th November – and what a start! Morrison’s generous customers donated an incredible 939kg of food – the highest one day total at a supermarket since the foodbank started in Lichfield. This will certainly go a long way to filling the 250 Christmas hampers that Lichfield foodbank hope to distribute this year.

Mike Broadhurst, Customer Services Manager at the supermarket said “Morrisons always looks for ways to reach out to the community we serve – I am so proud of my customers!”

Ian Coxon, supermarket co-ordinator at the foodbank, thanked the dedication of the volunteers and commented “The amazing support that we get from the people of Lichfield is so uplifting, a community helping its own through hard times.

Ian added “I was particularly touched by a lady who donated a large bag of food explaining that the foodbank had helped her two years ago and now she was back on her feet she now wanted to help us help others in crisis”

The next collection is at Tesco on 30th November, 1st and 2nd of December. The customers of Morrisons have thrown down the gauntlet – can Tesco’s customers retake the record

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